How to Pray


1. Choose a quiet place where you can sit and focus without distractions.

2. Begin by reciting a prayer of greeting to God.

3. Choose a scripture passage, or some meditation on the life of Jesus, Mary, or a saint.

4. Begin to reflect on the passage or meditation, using your imagination and your intellect.

5. At some point, something will catch your attention and arrest your heart. God has arrived. So remain there and in that moment, spend time in love with God for as long as you feel you should do so.

6. After a time, you may feel that God wants you to continue. You may repeat steps 3 to 5, or you may decide to talk to God, listen to God, ask God for help and strength, etc.

7. End with a closing prayer of love, thanking the Holy Trinity, Jesus, and Mary for their presence and love.


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