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St. Anthony’s Watchers

Dear St. Anthony’s Parish Family,

Did You See what I “SAW”?

With the recent storms coming to our area, it...Read more

Finding Joy and Holiness: Reflections on Mother's Day and First Holy Communion

Dear St. Anthony’s Parish Family,

First of all, I want to wish all Mothers’ a very Happy Mothers' Day today. ...Read more

Love One Another

Dear St. Anthony’s Parish Family,

There are things about my mother, my sisters, and my dog, which I find annoying.

My mother,...Read more

Pastor's Easter Greeting

Christ is Risen from the dead!

The Word speaks dead Words to life!

One of my favorite poets is Anglican clergyman George...Read more

Holy Week Meditation

In the Spring of 1921, the terrible Ukraine Povolzhye Famine resulted in the deaths of an estimated 5 million Ukrainians. Using the famine as...Read more

Unpacking St. Paul's Definition of Love

In his First Letter to the Corinthians, St. Paul gives us a listing of the attributes of love and also of their opposites:...Read more

God's Plan for Each of Us

Dear St. Anthony Family,

How is it that a loving God can send someone to hell? It is not an uncommon question which,...Read more

Jesus' Resting Place

The first place of rest for Jesus was the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her womb was Immaculate, without stain of sin. It...Read more

The Mystery of Jesus' Birthdate: Exploring Possible Timelines

How often have you heard that Jesus was most certainly not born on December 25? The reasoning goes that the Catholic Church, already “infected...Read more

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