God is generous and generosity is at the heart of the Christian life. As a result, the happiest people are often the most generous people.  Let's strive to have a spirit of generosity that reaches into every corner of our lives!

Volunteering at SMT

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer here at your own Parish! Visit our Organizations page to find out more details. Here are just a few ways that you can put your talents into use:

  • Athletic Association
  • Bingo
  • Fall Festival (Oct. 3, 2015)
  • Funeral Luncheons
  • Men's Club
  • Quilters
  • Respect Life Group
  • St. Vincent de Paul

Guide to Non-Profit Careers / Volunteering

Follow the link to find a guidebook for students and young professionals seeking careers in the non-profit sector. It includes a detailed rundown of specific fields, organizations, and job titles with strong connections to non-profit work. It also discusses the importance of volunteering, and how donating time can serve as a bridge to a full-time, paid position. Other key features of the guide include:

  • A full list of non-profit job seeking resources
  • Where and how to network to open non-profit doors
  • Must-have information for volunteering internationally

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you are looking for places to volunteer in the St. Louis area, a great place to start your search is by going to

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