Crest and Motto


At the middle-top is the golden fleur-de-lis, a symbol of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and also of Tours, France.

The fleur-de-lis is flanked by a crescent moon to its left and an Ave-Maria to its right. The moon symbolizes both the passing of time and also the shield of the British Royal House of "Lee." The Ave-Maria, in addition to honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary, also refers to "May," Mary's month. The two symbols may be compiled together as both: "The Woman with the moon under her feet" of Revelation 12, and also (cheekily) the rebus "Lee" + "May" = "Lemay," the location of our parish.

The wavy line in the shield's midsection represents the Mississippi River (as well as the current of water that forms at the church entrance when it rains).

The goose at the shield's bottom recalls the story of St. Martin’s attempt to avoid the episcopacy. When Martin got word that the people of Tours wanted to make him bishop by acclamation, he hid in an obscure barn. However, a goose nesting in the barn ran to the town square, squawking and flapping its wings. Upon alerting the townspeople, the goose led them to Martin's hiding place. His cover blown, Martin accepted the will of the people and became their bishop.

The colors of the shield are gold and blue, the traditional colors for St. Martin of Tours Parish.


The motto, Nisi Dominus Frustra refers to the opening verse of Psalm 127:

Unless the Lord [build the house] in vain [do we labor].

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