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History of the Confraternity:

“What is particularly striking about the origin of the Christian Mothers’ Confraternity is, that it was so spontaneous. It was not something that was foisted upon Catholic women, but something that grew out of themselves. It was one of those providential movements of the lay apostolate by which the Holy Spirit so often renews the spirit of the Church or of some group within the Church.

It was at a time, about the middle of the 19th century, when the modern forces undermining family life first began to lift their heads, that the Christian Mothers reacted in a spiritual and spiritualizing movement. It was a movement of self-defense and self-preservation.

In various parts of France, and especially in Lille, mothers began to gather to pray with and for one another, and their children, to discuss their problems and to advise one another regarding the Christian rearing of their children.

The movement gradually solidified, and on May 1, 1850, the first conference of Christian Mothers was held in Lille, France, under the leadership of Louise Josson de Bilhem, the wife of a court official. In the course of time the French mothers sought and received recognition from their bishop for the growing organization. Once that approval was given, the organization grew rapidly throughout France and neighboring countries, and soon over a million women were enrolled as members.” (Conference Booklet, pages 3 and 4).

The Saint Martin of Tours Confraternity of Christian Mothers was officially established on January 15, 1940.

75th Anniversary - 2015

January 15, 2015 marks the 75th Anniversary of the St. Martin of Tours’ Confraternity of Christian Mothers. All women of the parish are invited to participate in a renewal of its mission to joyously undertake the task of training and sanctifying the young souls entrusted to our care, to edify one another by word and deed, to support one another by fervent prayer and in this way become the mainstay of the spiritual life within our own families, and a fruitful source of blessing to St. Martin of Tours’ Parish community.


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